Soul Forger

Hi! This is just me trying out this site and seeing how it goes…(I’m guessing oyu want to know what it’s going to be about well…) this is just going to be another place where i’m going to be posting a book that i’ve been writing. It’s not very good and probably full of clitches but it based on light novels what do you expect? Well anyway if you do read it I at least hope you enjoy it.


Carter is a nobody who enjoys to read alot, but none of that matters since he’s dead by the first chapter anyway! Finding himself reborn in a living RPG clitche he now a she must figure out what the heck is going on before a world changing competition begins.


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Chapter 1- Darkness

Carter sighed to himself as he looked at his computer, its bright screen showed several tabs open and would remain as such for a long time. The reason was not laziness it might just be the opposite from a point of view such as his. He felt that managing all these at the same time was a feat in its self the tabs had nothing to do with work or a job all of them were books.
Light Novels are the best he thought to himself. Main characters get to go on quests and fight monsters they get to explore a unique world full of marvels.
Carter new he would never be as brave or as daring as them in real life or face what they faced. However reading about them gave him a sense of empowerment that he could never usually feel . He new he was a loser dreaming of fantasy yet never striving for anything of his own. He was a geek.
He was born into a somewhat normal family, his father and mother long divorced and remarried made it unique in some cases. Carters parents couldn’t stand each other that much was clear, but the one thing they both shared was their poor marriage choices, both step-parents Carter could say with certainty hated him.
His step-mother just ignored him, while his step-father whom he had to live with primarily it seemed like he went out of his way to be cruel to him. He frequently verbally abused him only talking to him at all to put him down or yell at him to do something, yet his work in his step-fathers eyes was never good enough and that had earned them a mutual hate of each other. Carter new is wasn’t a good idea to voice his opinion of him in his presence because any resistance from Carter would quickly get him hit.
Putting his feeling for his step-parents aside his real parents were much more tolerable. His father was a very relaxed person that never usually stressed anything, but when it came to things he had to do he was generally serious about it. His mother on the other hand was strict and things had to be perfect or it wasn’t good enough. Carter figured their clashing personalities is why they divorced in the first place.
Huffing to himself as he debated what they saw in his step-parents, as they continued to ignore the obvious signs that Carter hated them. He decided to leave it alone because he new his life could be worse. He could have no home at all, or a family for that matter. He had a life of general luxury with enough food to eat and most importantly Wi-Fi to use.
As he looked back at the book he was reading on his semi-new laptop he had gotten from his mother on his birthday. He began to think how cool it would be to be a hero summoned to another world. Wielding great power to defeat evil. Thinking about all the different races he would discover and mountains he would climb. Carter laughed to himself he could never do that and he new it. He was too weak , he only had barley passable grades in math this year. Carter laughed again getting a B was barley passable? Granted most of the year were C’s at the end he managed to shoot up his grade at the last second.
Carter decided at this point that he was going to ignore all these negative thoughts and continue thinking what type of hero he wanted to be. Heroes usually had a unique skill to themselves that helped define them and their powers. Allies of justice had powers of light or holy magic, while warriors had some type of fighting skill. Even the creative ones got some type of crafting skill that helped them grow and evolve. Carter decided he didn’t have the pure heart necessary to wield holy magic, nor was he a born warrior. Last of all his artistic skill sucked he basically made of fool of himself in art class. The only thing going for him was that he was obsessed with perfection, and it showed when doing activities such as origami because everything had to be lined up perfectly or he would start again. He was perfectly O.C.D.
So he wouldn’t be a traditional hero he would manipulate the things around him, things that already existed and change them to suit his need. Magic came to mind immediately along with its possibly different type. To magic of the elements such as earth and fire magic to stranger more specialized magic for more medicinal uses. That would be good… Cater thought to himself he could be a Wizard hero and fight that way. Wait can’t most other types of heroes use magic anyway?
Realizing his problem Carter lacked the creativity to think of a truly unique magic and decided to let it pass. Its not like it really mattered anyway what magic he was going to use in a fictional alternate world. He thought of the races that could exist Humans and demons came to mind immediately, who usually fought each other due to some reason or another main character is books usually ended up as one of them.
While thinking on this I remembered that their was usually a third race that shared dominance with the two other races authors never put much importance on them and they were labeled as side characters. The beast men race not to be underestimated but almost always underappreciated. They usually held the greatest physical power of all the races and one could say combat potential.
Carter thought they where well suited for him always in the background but still there. While thinking this yet another hitch in his fantasy came to fruit. What would they look like? Would they be more beast than man, or would they look human with subtle animal characteristics? As Carter thought perhaps a combination of both. The more human form would be a lesser form and the more animal side would have the greater physical abilities compared to before.
Carter continued to be lost in thought fantasizing about being a hero that he didn’t even notice the dark shadow coming upon him, it swallowed everything and carter was met with a crushing force that jarred his bones and pain erupted but as soon as it happened it stopped the only things that hadn’t stopped was the suffocating dark.
The dark continued with no signs of stopping.